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A cash flow financial projection template built specifically for realty firms.
Create investor and lender-ready projections in less than 1 hour!
Our ProjectionHub software has been used by over 30,000 businesses to develop financial projections.  Based on this experience we decided to create a customized Excel template that makes creating lender-ready financial projections for new and existing realty firms easy. 
Step 1: Start with our industry standard model.
Step 2: Customize assumptions based on your specific business.
You can quickly customize dozens of assumptions including:
  • Agents:  Customize start date and monthly referrals for 20 agents
  • ​Revenue from both Buyers and Sellers:  Set ratios, commissions, and average home prices.
  • Funds from financing and investing: Set your interest rates and more.
  • Variable costs: Adjust your non-realtor staff expenses.
  • Overhead costs: Adjust your office and overhead expenses over time.
What is included in the model?
  • Unlocked Excel file: All equations are visible and editable
  • ​5 years: Monthly and annual summary projections for 5 years 
  • 3 Statements: Income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet included
  • Sources: We cite our data sources in comments throughout the model
  • SBA Ready: The model will meet the requirements for an SBA loan 
  • ​Graphs, tables and charts: Includes helpful summary graphs and charts 
As an entrepreneur you have 1,000 things to figure out.  
Save your brain cells from the spreadsheet pain, and just take our template!
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